Who should take Honors Chemistry?

Prerequisite: You have already taken Chemistry; this is a 2nd chemistry course.

Any of the following would be great reasons to take the class.

  • You want to be well-prepared for college chemistry.
  • You have an interest in a STEM/health career after high school; this will help you see the level of work required to succeed in those fields.
  • You have competency in Algebra II and are becoming competent in using a TI-84 calculator.
  • You think it would be interesting, and you want to understand the WHY and the HOW about the way things work.

Although Dual Credit science classes look like a cost-effective way to do freshman level science and math, colleges will want their incoming STEM students to “learn things the (fill in the school’s name) way”, so those classes frequently need to be retaken no matter how well you did in high school dual credit.