AW3 Homework Due 9/23/2021

They Say/I Say –

Read Chapter 3.

Essays and Arguments –

Read pages 70-86.

Write your introduction for your paper AFTER reading your assigned reading.

In order to write your introduction, you will need to study what “they say”. As you read their ideas, write down any information that will support your opinion. Next week you will write your body paragraphs so start gathering support for your side. Remember to be neutral when summarizing their ideas. Also be sure your thesis states an opinion, not a fact.

Finally, be sure to write down the information needed to locate your sources again. You will write a works sited page for this paper.

Finally, finally (lol), bring 3 copies of your introduction. We will do peer reviews next week.

Strunk and White Elements of Style –

Study rules 7 and 8. We will discuss them in class since he makes them sound confusing 😊


AW3 Homework Due 9/16/2021

They Say/I Say –

Complete exercise 1 on page 41. We will read these in class to see if we can determine your opinion. Remember the summary should be objective.

Essays and Arguments –

Read pages 49-70. Take notes in your book so you can participate in class.

Strunk and White Elements of Style –

Study the rules 4-7 pages 5-8. We will discuss them in class.

Chose your topic for your paper.

I will be sending you an email with additional ideas for topics. Do not chose a topic that analyzes a literary piece.

Researching your topic.

Next week you will write your introduction for your argumentative paper. If you have time, I suggest starting to research what “they say”. Remember you do not have to gather as much information as for your argument, but you need enough to understand and fairly present the opposing side. Remember to save the information that you will need to locate any sources again. You will make a work cited page for this paper.