To participate in the graduation ceremony with The Classes at Town North, a student must be enrolled in a class his/her senior year.

The student must also have attended The Classes at Town North their junior year.

The student maintains enrollment, academic and behavioral good standing with The Classes at Town North throughout their junior and senior years.

During the junior and senior year, the student is required to help with weekly pizza sales. Helping with pizza sales help to build camaraderie between students creating a “graduation class.”

During the junior year, both students and at least one parent are required to serve during the graduation ceremony and reception. Participation during the junior year not only provides a service for The Classes at Town North and the senior families, but the experience is invaluable in preparing families for their senior year.

During the senior year, at least one parent is required to attend the graduation planning meetings. Students are also expected to attend graduation planning meetings. The ceremony and senior activities are a cooperative effort of all families involved. The input and effort of all participating families makes graduation a memorable event.

Participation in The Classes at CATN Graduation Ceremony requires the following:

  • Completion of the Graduation Registration Form and non-refundable $75 deposit by the first Thursday in October
  • Parent and student attendance at graduation meetings on the first Thursday of each month.
  • Payment of all fees on time
  • Meeting all production deadlines
  • Parent service on one or more (as needed) of the graduation tasks or sub-committees
  • Parent and student checks graduation communication through email on a regular basis and replies as needed
  • Student attends classes at The Classes at Town North for both the junior and senior year.
  • Service hours including lunch fundraiser sales, and graduation ceremony/ reception during the junior year
  • Students must complete one of the following classes at CATN:  Worldview Introduction, Worldview Advanced or 20th Century Literature
  • Student maintains enrollment, academic and behavioral good standing with The Classes at Town North throughout the junior and senior years. The leadership and teachers of CATN will determine if a student may not participate in graduation due to poor academic or behavioral standing. If a student is not allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony, all money paid towards graduation will be forfeited.

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