About Us

Co-Directors:  Rhonda Helmreich and Becky Wilson

The Classes at Town North is a college preparatory co-op focusing primarily on high school literature, writing, science, math and history.  Teachers in the co-op have degrees and/or real world experience in their chosen subject areas.  All classes meet on Thursdays and currently, there are approximately 150 students attending The Classes at Town North. We are often referred to as the “Green Roof Co-op” in reference to the color of the roof tops on the buildings at the Town North Presbyterian Church where we originally met.  After calling  Town North Presbyterian Church home for 25 years, the co-op relocated to Prairie Creek Baptist Church in Plano beginning for the 2024-25 school year.  While our location has changed, our name remains the same.  From Proverbs 22:1 “A good name is more desirable than great riches…”

How we started…

The Classes at Town North (CATN) was founded in 1999 by six veteran homeschooling families.  Courses were originally designed to provide a high-caliber of college preparation and academic enrichment for our oldest children, who were in high-school and junior high.  While teaching duties were initially assigned by need, we each gradually discovered our own individual giftings and callings in the classroom.

Although CATN was initially formed as a private co-op, we opened our science classes to families outside our core group in 2001 to meet a need in the homeschooling community. Since that time, we have gradually expanded and opened additional classes each year. We are now pleased to offer a variety of science, literature, writing, math and history classes with additional classes such as economics and geography. We have a core of 15 teachers and the participation of approximately 150 students.

The emphasis of CATN is still primarily on high school courses, with some junior high classes additionally offered. Our intent is to broaden student’s horizons, encouraging them to think beyond their immediate circumstances, and preparing them for the next stage, whether it be the next grade, college, or the working world.

Since we only meet once per week, the majority of the work is done at home. Class time is used to prepare students for this work, and to allow for lecture and discussion relating to the material. We encourage parents to continue to be involved with their children’s educational process.


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