American Government Due 5/7

You have all done great this year!  Here is your final assignment.  As I said in our meeting today, this is in place of your final exam, so do your best.  Your grade depends on it!!!  There is a chance for extra credit if you feel you need it!

American Government Week 32

This is your last week of homework.  I hope you have learned something in this class, and that you will walk away with a desire to make a difference in our country.  For this last assignment, I am giving you 3 assignments to choose from.  Pick the one you would like to do and do it to the best of your ability. This will take the place a final exam so make it count!!!  If you want extra credit, you may ALSO do #4.

Here are your 3 choices

  1. Interview your parents or grandparents.  How has the country (government) changed over their lives?  Do they feel things are better with more/less government involvement? How have race relations changed? Better/worse?  How has immigration changed?  Write a 2-3-page paper on what you learn from them.


  1. How has your opinion of government changed over the course of this year?  Did you come in with certain ideas that have since changed?  Have you learned something new you never thought of before?  Have you been motivated to become more educated on things within the government? (voting, volunteering, act…)  Write a 2-3-page paper on how this class changed your mind.


  1. What are your thoughts on what is happening in our country currently? Is the government handling the Covid-19 situation well?  Do you think the President has made the right decisions in regards to banning travel, quarantine rules, etc?  What do you think should be done to get the country up and running and when?  What do you think this country will look like in 3 years if the quarantine continues?  Should it continue?  Who should decide on when quarantine ends, the states, or Washington? Are people’s Constitutional rights being infringed upon as some say?  Write 2-3 pages on your thoughts.


For extra credit:

  1. Read the following chapters and answer the questions attached below. Congress for Dummies chapters 6, 8, 15.


Chapter 6

  1. During a debate, do all members sit quietly and listen to the various arguments for and against a bill?




  1. What is the floor?


  1. How many times is each bill read?



  1. What are the “standing rules” of the House?



  1. How can the President persuade members to do his will? (Give at least 4 ways)




  1. Once legislation passes that you don’t like, is that the end? (Explain)




Chapter 8

  1. What is the State of the Union address?



  1. What are the 2 types of spending?



  1. What is the difference between “Budget authority” and “outlays”?



  1. What are allocations?




Chapter 15

  1. What are the three big national “dailies” (newspapers) and what sets them apart?





  1. What is the op-ed part of the newspaper? Where can you find it?



  1. If you wanted to read a periodical with a liberal ideology, what would you read?


  1. What are some periodicals with a conservative ideology?



  1. What is one complaint about the Drudge Report?



  1. When it comes to breaking election news over the Internet, what is the best site?



  1. What is the most influential foreign publication in Washington? Why?



  1. What issue (if any) covered in class has changed since starting in August?


American Government Due 4/30

American Government Week 31

Congress for Dummies

Ch. 7, 10-pg. 160

The Complete Idiot’s Guide

Ch. 18 & 19

Basic American Government

Pgs. 475-480

Bible Reading

Proverbs 29:2-12

Current Event


Congress for Dummies

  1. Where does the government get money?




  1. What is the difference between tax credits and tax cuts?




  1. What branch proposes the most major changes in taxes?



  1. After the proposal, what happens?




  1. What committees deal with revenue-generating?



  1. What does the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) do?



Ch. 10 (stop at pg. 160)

  1. What are the 5 types of lobbies listed in this chapter?




 The Complete Idiot’s Guide 

Chapter 18

  1. What are the 5 broad categories of interest groups?




  1. What is the “revolving door”?



Chapter 19

  1. The media serves as “gatekeeper, scorekeeper, and watchdog”.  Describe these three roles.




  1. What are the restrictions on print materials?




  1. What are restrictions on broadcasting?





Basic American Government

  1. Carson says that the way to bring the government back under control is as easy as getting the government to comply with the Constitution.  How easy do you think that would be?  Explain your answer.





  1. According to Carson, what is one of the problems with getting the government to abide by the Constitution?



  1. What does Carson propose we ought to do about this matter?




  1. Do you think this is a good idea? Explain your answer.

American Government Due 4/23

American Government Week 30


Congress for Dummies

Chapters 1-5

Answer questions


We will watch some videos instead of reading about bill making.  You will thank me!  The 1st one is just for fun.  The 2nd one is to learn.  We will talk about this in class.  Have fun!!!

Bible Reading

Galatians 6: 9-10

Current Event


Congress for Dummies

Ch. 1

  1. If Congress makes the laws and sets national policy, what does the executive branch do?



  1. What things annoy the representatives about the senators, and the senators about the representatives?




  1. Which branch is more powerful, the legislative or the executive?


  1. How do you have a voice in the judicial system?



  1. How do you have a voice in the legislative and executive systems?


  1. When does a vote have the greatest impact?


Ch. 2

  1.  How has representation in Congress changed since the country was founded?



  1. The census, which is taken in March and April of each decade year, determines how many representatives each state has. Although it seems like a simple process, what makes this process so difficult?




  1. Follow the steps given to determine your district and the name of your representative. Go to his/her webpage and learn a bit about the representative.  Given what you find, would you vote for them if you were 18?  Explain why or why not.





Ch. 3

  1. What main issues come before the Senate?



  1. Find your senators as per the instructions in the text. Spend a little time perusing their websites.  Given what you find, would you vote for them if you were 18?  Explain why or why not.




  1. What is impeachment?



Ch. 4


  1. What are the roles of committee Chairmen?






  1. What is the most important factor for a new member of Congress?



  1. Who is the ranking member?





  1. When are members likely to sponsor a piece of legislation?



  1. What is a hearing and what are the 3 types?




Ch. 5

  1. Can members always vote the way their conscience or constituents demand?



  1. How does one gain power in Congress?


  1. What is a caucus?



  1. What is a delegation?



  1. Based on this chapter, what do you believe drives Congress?

American Government Due 4/16

American Government Week 29

Are you Liberal?  Conservative?  Or Confused?

Read Chapters 13-26

Answer Questions

Read “The legitimate Role of Government in a Free Society” article

Be ready to talk about it in class!

Current Event


Are you Liberal…..

Note:  Merriam-Webster definition of Fascism:  “a political philosophy, movement, or regime, that exalts nation and race above the individual and stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader.  It also has forcible suppression of opposition.”

Chapters 13-17

  1. What does the author claim about communism and socialism?


  1. How does the author define fascism?



  1. What example of fascism in the United States does the author mention?



  1. What is the normal state of affairs at most times around the globe?


  1. What is Maybury’s main argument against joining a foreign war?
  2. How does Maybury respond to statists who discredit the Constitution as being out of touch? Do you think that argument is valid? (explain your answer)



Chapters 18-26

  1. The original tax receipts from liquor, tobacco, and imports now bring in only 3% of the Federal Government’s budget.  Where do the rest of the taxes come from?




  1. “To the juris naturalists, ‘taxation’ is synonymous with stealing.” (92) Whether you agree or not, how would you respond to Maybury’s two questions about taxation: 1) Is there an upper limit to taxation?  2) And if so, how much of your income can the government take before it becomes stealing?





  1. What are the three types of wrongdoing?




  1. Are democracy and liberty the same thing



  1. The apparently biased textbook authors “write the school history books that form the political opinions of tomorrow’s leaders”. How would you expect the future politicians will tend to vote?




  1. What do you think of Maybury’s concluding plea: “Let’s stop the encroachment, all of it. No exceptions, no special privileges.  All men are created equal.”  Did he persuade you or change your thinking?

American Gov. Due 4/8

American Government Week 28

Are you Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused

Read pg. 17-Chapter 12

Answer Questions

Read article “Everything I Want to Do is Illegal” (link below)

Be ready to discuss in class

Bible Reading

Galatians 6:7-8

Current Event


Are You Liberal? Concervative?

*Juris Naturalism (Natural Law): The belief in a natural law that is higher than any government’s law.


Pg. 17-Ch. 4

  1. Maybury uses a good example for why true objectivity is impossible.  What is his example?


  1. Why is it difficult for a journalist to remain objective?



  1. What is higher law?


  1. What are the 2 fundamental laws that every rational person wants?


5.  What characteristic sets government apart from all other institutions?


  1. What makes political power dangerous?



  1. What type of government does a juris naturalist want?



Ch. 5-12

  1. In your daily life, how does the government encroach, or force you to buy what it is selling?


  1. How do liberals and conservatives differ in their views of how government should control a population?



  1. Moderates, or centrists, fall between the liberal left and the conservative right. How does Maybury claim they are different?


  1. What is the difference between freedom and liberty?



  1. What foreign policy would the juris naturalist prefer?


  1. What flaw does Maybury see in the Bill or Rights?



  1. How does the author describe a socialist?


  1. How are Socialism and Communism linked? (Pg. 64)

American Government Due 4/2

Good to see you all today!  Here is your homework for next week. Make sure to have it to me by Wed. night 8:00 pm.

American Government Week 27

The Complete Idiot’s Guide

Chapter 8

Answer Questions

Selecting a President

Pg. 81-104

Ch. 5-6

Answer Questions

Bible Reading

1 Peter 5:8-9

Current Event



The Complete Idiot’s Guide

  1. How many people in the United States are allowed to vote?  How many of those people actually vote?



  1. What is the main reason most people in the U.S. do  not vote?



  1. What is a poll tax? Is it still used today?



  1. Describe the difference between the Democratic Party label and the Republican Party Label.




  1. Besides feeling their votes don’t count, what are some other reasons people don’t vote?



  1. Besides voting, what are other forms of political participation?



  1. Are all Americans over the age of 18 allowed to vote?



  1. What are some of the sociological factors that affect voter behavior?



Selecting a President

Pg. 81-104

  1. What is the balancing act the incumbent president must manage during the campaign?


  1. What role does the economy play in an election?



  1. What are public opinion polls?




  1. Does increased voter registration also increase voter turnout?




Ch. 5-6

  1. What are “pollwatchers”?



  1. Do all voters vote on Election Day?




  1. How many electoral votes does it take to win the Presidential election?




  1. The presidential transition lasts from the end of the election to January 20, when the President takes the oath of office. What happens during this time for the incoming President?



  1. What is the inaugural address?

American Government Due 3/26

Enjoy your spring break!!!!!

American Government Week 26

The Complete Idiot’s Guide

Read Ch. 7

Answer questions with detail

Selecting a President

Read Intro and Ch. 1-4 (only to pg. 80)

Answer questions with detail. No 1-2 word answers!  (Think “explain” your answers!!!)

 Bible Reading

Read 1 Peter 5:8-9

Current Event

Remember 1) keep it to political news and 2) it adds 3 points to your grade!


Chapter 7: The Complete Idiot’s Guide

  1. What is “franking”?


  1. What is gerrymandering?



Selecting a President

Intro & Ch. 1

  1. Why are presidential elections important?



  1. Who else is up for election on the same day as the President?



  1. What are “spoilers”?


  1. Do presidential candidates campaign equally in all states?




Ch. 2-4 (pg.80)

  1. What are some roles various presidents have had before elected to the presidency?


  1. Who are “Superdelegates




  1. What is a “party platform”?


  1. How would presidential campaigns be different if presidents were elected by the popular vote and not the Electoral College?



  1. How many Electoral College votes are there?


  1. In the event of an Electoral College tie, what is the constitutional way to elect the president?



  1. Does the Electoral College reflect the popular vote? Explain



  1. What are swing states or battleground states?


  1. What are exit polls?

American Government Due 3/12

American Government Week 25

Basic American Government

Read pgs. 460-474

Answer questions

Read Article (link below)

Highlight interesting thoughts, jot notes in the margin, and be ready to discuss in class

Current Event


Basic American Government

Pgs. 460-467

  1. According to Carson, what is the main business of the government?


  1. Does this seem to be the main business of the government?



  1. According to Carson, the prisons in America are” bursting at the seams,” which is an indicator of the rising crime rate. What crimes does he mention to demonstrate that crime is apparently on the rise?


  1. Do you think crime is really on the rise or is the number of prisoners itself an effect of government run a muck? Explain your answer.



  1. Carson says, “The law is not suited…to settling labor disputes, to running businesses, to laying down rules for schools, to redistributing the wealth, or thousands of other things.” Do you think he is right?  Why or why not?



  1. Do you agree with Carson that the problem of crime is not a matter of the number of police but a matter of the missing belief in morals and religious principles and self-control? Explain your answer.



Pgs. 467-474

  1. Do you believe that the United States is out of control? Why or why not.


  1. Carson says that one of the greatest weaknesses in government is dealing firmly and forcefully with groups. What are some groups he uses to illustrate this point?




  1. Think of various protests around the world. e. Rosa Parks who refused to move to the back of the bus as the law demanded,  Black and whites who “sat in” together at racially segregated lunch counters,  Antiwar demonstrators of the 60’s & 70’s.  Pro-life demonstrators who sit in around abortion clinics.  In each case, we are talking about people who “broke the law”; but were they “wrong”?  What should determine the ultimate rightness or wrongness of one’s actions?  (Read Acts 5:28-29 then answer).




  1. When Carson says these activities indicate the government has assumed a role and powers that belong exclusively to God, do you think he is correct or not? Why or why not?


11.  Carson says, “Government has no more business providing us with food, education, and clothing than it does to tell us who, how, and when we shall  worship.” Is he correct?  What would happen if government told us who, how or when we could worship?



  1. According to Carson, what is the problem with Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights?


  1. What is your understanding of Carson’s closing statement that, “It is at this philosophical level (the level that says the government is provider) that government is most profoundly out of control? Do you agree?  Disagree?  Why?

American Government Due 3/5

American Government Week 24

Basic American Government

Read pgs.  449-460

Answer Questions

The Complete Idiot’s Guide

Read Chapter 14

Answer Questions

Create a campaign poster for a current candidate.

Choose any of the currently running candidates.  Create a poster to “sell” your candidate. Remember, you want to win the most votes for your candidate!Bible Reading

1 Peter 5: 6-7

Current Event


Basic American Government

Pgs. 449-453

  1. Describe how the United States government moved from commodity backed money to flat money as explained in these pages?



  1. According to Carson, how is the Federal Government able to “spend more and more, increase the debt higher and higher, and neither balance the budget nor make any provision for retiring the debt” and still stay in business?



  1. Why does Carson believe this is a problem


Pgs. 453-460

  1. According to Carson, what is a “bureaucrat”?


  1. What are some of the various names for the federal bureaucracies



  1. Carson suggests there is a widespread obsession concerning the value of laws. What is that?


  1. Can you think of some examples of life’s problems, pains, difficulties, etc. that laws cannot solve? (Don’t just tell me, no)


  1. Do you think there is any way around all the rules and regulations in this country? Do you think we can have a complex and large society without the abundance of rules?



The Complete Idiot’s Guide

  1. Name 5 (of the many) agencies under the Executive Branch of government and a very brief description of what they do.




  1. What is the “spoils system”?

American Gov. Due 2/27

American Government Week 23

Basic American Government

Read pgs. 432-449

Answer Questions

The Complete Idiot’s Guide

Read Ch. 22

Answer Questions

Current Event


Basic American Government

Pgs. 432-439

  1. Carson believes that as religion has been progressively driven out of public life, America has been inundated with publicly expressed profanities, vulgarities, and obscenities.  Do you feel the 2 are related?


  1. Describe Roe vs Wade in your own opinion. What do you think it really is about?



  1. What did the Supreme Court justices say it was about?


  1. What is Carson’s main concern when talking about Roe v. Wade




  1. According to Carson, why should the government not be allowed to authorize, license, give their assent to, or take the life of an unborn child to abortion?



Pgs. 441-449

  1. According to Carson, in what sense is the United States government out of control?


  1. In your own opinion, in what way do you feel the United States is out of control? (If you don’t feel it is out of control, defend why you think this)


  1. How is the government budget different from a family budget?



****As of Dec. 31, 2018 the country’s debt was $21.5 trillion.  That is compared to $5.7 trillion in 2001.  This comes out to just over $161,000 per person.


  1. Knowing the above statistics, how do you think our government is handling the country’s budget well? Explain your answer.


  1. According to Carson, what created the welfare state syndrome



  1. On what grounds does Carson say the welfare state is unconstitutional


  1. What is your view on the welfare state?



  1. According to Carson, on what basis is foreign aid unconstitutional?




The Complete Idiot’s Guide

  1. Briefly explain what the following are:
  2.  Social security





Unemployment Compensation


  1. Do you agree with government being involved in Abortion, Gun control, Gay Marriage and education decisions?  Explain your answer.



  1. Do you agree or disagree with school Vouchers? Explain your answer.