Physical Science 20-21 Module 9 Assignments, covering classes on 2/18 & 2/25

Module 9 Assignments P

Study Guide Solutions for Module 8P

Test 8P – open book, and taking it is optional

If you take Test 8, your grade on it at a minimum will be equal to your current average as listed on Teacherease. If your actual test grade is better than your average, you’ll get the higher grade. That is, taking the test will not hurt your average and could improve it. For example, if your current average is 95, your grade on Test 8 will be somewhere between 95-100 depending on how you do. Even if you miss a lot of questions, the lowest you would get on the test is 95 if that’s your current average.

If you choose not to take Test 8, you’ll still need to turn in your Module 8 folder with everything else: vocab, study guide, lab, unit conversions. Your test grade will show as Excused.