Information about the General Science course at Town North

This is to give you a bit more detail about General Science, suitable for 7th-8th grades, as part of the Classes at Town North.  We use Exploring Creation With General Science, 3rd Edition by Sherri Seligson, released Spring 2019, part of the Apologia curriculum.  If you want more information about this science curriculum the web address is  The website has the entire Module 1 of all the books in the curriculum as samples for you to look at.

In the 1st semester we will cover a broad introduction to science, including the history of science, the scientific method, astronomy, the foundations of geology and the fossil record, meteorology and oceanography.  The 2nd semester will begin with General Chemistry and Physics, then focus on life science including General Biology, Marine and Environmental Science, ending with Science and Creation.  We will use our class time to do as many labs as we can, plus go over content, vocabulary and the Study Guide.  Tests will be handed out in class, taken at home on the honor system under parental supervision and turned in the next week, along with Study Guide answers, vocabulary and lab write-ups as assigned for each module.  There is very little math involved in this course.  As an estimate, students should expect to spend 30 min. per school day on homework for this class. Several parents have described the assignment schedule as “gentle.”

Classes will be on Thursdays for one hour, at 10:30am at Prairie Creek Baptist Church, near Independence & 15th St. in Plano.  Class size is approximately 15 students. Tuition is $40/mo, August through April, plus a one-time materials fee of $15.  There will also be an annual family registration fee (amount to be determined yearly depending on insurance costs) for Town North, and admin forms to fill out, which will be posted on the CATN website,

The General Science textbook was updated in 2019, and everyone will need to use the 3rd edition as previous editions are not compatible. The only part of the curriculum you need is the student textbook. Other extras are optional and not used for class.