Grammar Lab Due 9/2

*Journal for 10 min. every day

*Complete the following:

Part I

What is a noun?


What is a concrete noun?


What is an abstract noun?


What is a proper noun?


Part II

Give 5 examples of nouns that name people


Give 5 examples of nouns that name places


Give 5 examples of nouns that name things


Give 5 examples of abstract nouns


Give 5 examples of Proper nouns that name people (Remember, proper nouns need to be capitalized)


Give 5 examples of proper nouns that name places



Part III

Choose 1 word from each of the types of nouns above (people, place, things, abstract, proper) and create 1 sentence for each of those words. Label what type of noun you used.  (You will have 6 total sentences.)





Part IV

Label the following words with “C” for concrete, “A” for abstract, “P” for proper, or “N” for neither

_____ Frog                              _____Love                               _____Lawyer

_____ Man                              _____Wisconsin                      _____Horse

_____ Colorful                        _____Star Wars                      _____Envy

_____Penny                            _____Anger                            _____Acrobat

_____Mary                             _____Following                       _____Mr. Smith

_____Leaf                               _____Bravery                         _____River

_____Student                          _____Sister                             _____Colorado River

_____Soda                              _____City                                _____Skip

_____Mother                          _____Bullfrog                         _____Television

_____Rusty                             _____Map                               _____Meadow

Part V

Choose 3 words from above and try to write 1 sentence using all 3. 😊