Grammar Writing Due 4/8

  1. Independent Clauses

 Instructions: write an original independent clause for each of the dependent clauses below, thus making the group of words into a complete sentence. For example, if the dependent clause says “Because I saw the cat,” follow it with an independent clause like “l avoided disaster,” thus making the sentence read, “Because I saw the cat, I avoided disaster.”

(Remember the subordinating conjunctions: because, although, if, unless, when, after, whenever, wherever, before, since)

The Dependent (Subordinate) Clauses

  1. Because I saw the cat,
  2. Although I saw the cat,
  3. lf I saw the cat,
  4. Unless I saw the cat,
  5. When I saw the cat,
  6. After I saw the cat,
  7. Whenever I saw the cat,
  8. Wherever I saw the cat,
  9. Before I saw the cat,
  10. Since I saw the cat,

Now write 5 of your own sentences beginning with subordinating (dependent) clauses

Next, write a dependent clause to follow each of the following independent clauses.

Remember that a dependent clause that comes at the end of a sentence does NOT have a comma before it.

  1. Ernest had a tantrum (insert dependent clause here).
  2. Penelope lost her pocket protector
  3. Oscar went to the Antarctic
  4. Poindexter changed his hairstyle
  5. The fairy princess sat on the toadstool
  6. Fiddling madly, the frog prince danced on the lily pad
  7. Todd came to disaster
  8. Olivia pranced around the tennis court
  9. The Gila monster snapped greedily at the helpless infant
  10. The Ipod’s battery slowly died
  11. In spite of the raging storm, the brave doggie ventured out of the house
  12. ln the castle of the monster with one eye, a dragon slept warily
  13. Screeching with laughter, the children sprinted down the forest path
  14. The elephant sadly swung her tail.

Now write 5 of your own sentences.  Begin with an independent clause and end with a subordinating conjunction and dependent clause.


Compound Sentences

Write another independent clause for each one given below. Connect the two independent clauses with a comma followed by a coordinating conjunction (and, but, for, nor, or, so, or yet). Example: The young goat lay on the ground, and a cow came by and kicked him.

  1. The old man spit on the ground (insert a comma, a coordinating conjunction, and another independent clause here).
  2. The pickle fermented in the jar
  3. Veronica gave a forlorn sigh
  4. The spy peeped into the old mansion
  5. The student gave the classroom turtle a quizzical wink
  6. Superman swooped down from the skyscraper
  7. Mr. Fredrick handed Peter yet another detention
  8. The platypus gave a little hop of joy as he climbed up the flowery bank of the river
  9. The striped suit fitted him badly and made him look like a buffoon
  10. The razor-sharp blade whistled through the air



Grammar Writing Due 4/1

Misplaced Modifiers

Part 1

Circle the number of each sentence below that is an example of faulty coordination. Rewrite these incorrect sentences by placing the modifiers in the correct place.


  1. Unless you have a better idea, we’ll stay with the program as it is.


  1. My father works hard, and he likes baseball.



  1. She won’t be able to come today because she is grounded.


  1. Although she walked to school, it was snowing.



  1. The door was unlocked, and the windows were open.


  1. I completed the test and it is hard.


  1. The U.S. Civil War began in 1861 and ended in 1865.


  1. Though we went hungry, there was plenty of food in the pantry.


  1. President Lincoln died in office and he came from Illinois.


  1. Before you leave, I must tell you a story.


  1. Jack delivered pizza to customers in a cardboard box.


  1. The audience laughed at the clown on the stage.


  1. Forgetting your chores frequently gets you into trouble.


  1. They had 5 minutes to decide where to eat lunch.


Part 2

Rewrite the following sentences to correct the misplaced modifiers.

  1. The young lady was walking the dog on the telephone.


  1. I heard that there was a robbery on the evening news.


  1. Uncle Louie bought a running stroller for the baby that he called “Speed Racer.”


  1. Rolling down the mountain, the explorer stopped the boulder with his powerful foot.


5.  We are looking for a babysitter for our precious six-year-old who doesn’t drink or smoke and owns a car.


  1. The teacher served cookies to the children wrapped in aluminum foil.


  1. The mysterious woman walked toward the car holding an umbrella.


  1. We returned the wine to the waiter that was sour.


  1. The doll belongs to my sister whose head is missing.


  1. Charlie spotted a stray puppy driving home from work.


  1. I ate nothing but a cold bowl of noodles for dinner.


  1. George bought a pure Siamese from a friend that was already housebroken


Part 3

Dangling Modifiers

Rewrite the following sentence to correct the dangling modifiers.  (Example: Incorrect: Chewing furiously, the gum fell out of my mouth.  Correct: The gum fell out of my mouth as I was chewing furiously.)

  1. Walking in the dark, the picture fell off the wall.


  1. Playing a guitar in the bedroom, the cat was seen under the bed.


  1. Packing for a trip, a cockroach scurried down the hallway.


  1. While looking in the mirror, the towel swayed in the breeze.


  1. While driving to the veterinarian’s office, the dog nervously whined



Grammar Homework Due 3/25

Below are 8 paragraphs that are full of errors. There may be spelling, punctuation, capitalization, or grammar errors. Correct each mistake. (Please make sure to make your corrections so I can see them :))


  1. 1) Well its another rainy day. I wonder what 2) I will do. First I think I’ll take a walk around the 3) neyborhood to stretch my legs. 4) Second I’ll cook a big breakfast 5) with toast fruit eggs and bacon. After that I might mow my 6) neighbors lawn; its getting pretty long. Im not sure what I’ll do after that. I guess I should go see my Mother. I think she wants me 7) too go grocery shopping with her. I have no idea why 8) she cant just go by 9) her self. Or, better still, she could ask 10) my Dad to go with her! I doubt he will want to go with her though. He 11) doesn’t like going to the grocery store as much as I do!


  1. Im Elena Guedon. I am from Paris France but now I live in chicago Illinois.  I am a Mother of one son named Pierre.  pierre is doctor at a large hospital in Chicago. He is planning for get married. his girlfriend Cassie is a surgeon at the memorial herman hospital in Houston texas. They will get married in June 27 2021 in houston.   Pierre is confident that him and Cassie will be happy forever.



  1. Susanna came home from a work and She putted the key in the lock of the apartament door and She opened the door and She clearly heard a voise inside her apartment. Was it the TV or was it the radio or was it her neighbor or was it her cat but She not know if she should go in or run away! She couldnt move. She couldnt think. She heard the soft sound of footsteps and she couldn’t breathe because the door slowly opened. “Mom What are you doing here” Susanna said, when she caught her breath. “Hi Honey dad and i is cooking dinner for you!”



  1. Music is an art forme that apears in evry culture in the world. For thousands of years its been an importent part of the human experiance music has been use as enertainment as a way to pass on storys and as a form of artestic espression and each person may have their own perference in the type of Music they like but most people will like Music in some form. Music has even been used by therapits to help patience with mental and phisical health issues and stress and anxiety and acheive good results.



  1. Tomorrow I am going to sing a solo. Im so nervouse! There are so many things that could go wrong. Im worried that my voice will shake. Maybe I going to open my mouth and no sound will comes out. yikes what if I can’t sing the high notes What if I trip and fell down. What if I fell of the stage? What if I sound terible? I hope I can do I think I can.


  1. where is that music coming from Emma looks around. She sees womens clothing to her right.  she sees mens clothing to her left. She sees childrens clothing in front her. It sounds like someone is plaing a piano. Emma walks down the aisle of the department store and The music gets louder and louder. She enter the jewelry department. The music gets even louder. There is it.  A women is playing the piano in the jewelry department.  It sound so nice!



  1. Jaime been applying for fulltime jobs for several months. The last week he received a call from the human resources director at canes software and computers   The HR director asked Jaime could he fly to chicago for a job interview. The company offered to pay for Jaimes plane ticket so that he will not have to pay for it himself. Jamie agreed to come for the interview. Since then Jaime has been busy collecting informaton about the company. He also went shopping for a new suite tie shirt and shoes. Jaime and his wife have been rehearsing answers to possible interview questions, so that jaime will be good and ready his best. Jaime is nervous about the interview but his looking forward to working at a new place.


  1. Today april  9 1998 is my birthday.  I was born in a small town in boise Idaho.  My brother dan is older than me and my sister sue is younger.  She was born april 10 2000 but we have always celebrate together.  yep her and me never get our own Birthday celebretions.  My Mom always said “it was to much work to organize too partys”.  Just one day I would like to have my own party.  Do you think that is to much to ask.  If I ever get my own party and if your lucky I will envite you.

Grammar Writing Due 2/18

Writing from a Skeleton Story

One rainy day in June, John Walker was walking down the street when he saw a stray dog sitting under a tree looking miserable.  John felt sorry for the dog, so he went over to it, and petted it, and spoke to it.  As he set off for home, the dog followed him.  Though John tried to get it to go away, the dog insisted on following him all the way to his house.  When he got home, John went into the house and tried to forget the dog.  But its whining and barking were impossible to ignore.  John finally went out to the dog and dried it off and brought it inside the house.  He gave the dog some food and started a fire in the fireplace.  John sat down beside the fireplace with a cup of coffee and a book.  The dog came over and say beside him.  Because he had been lonely for a long time, John felt contented and happy that the dog had come to live with him.  “Welcome home, old fellow,” he said with a smile.

Add the following elements to the skeleton story:

  • A triad of absolute phrases in at least one sentence (either ending in “ing” or “ed”. Ex: Teeth gnashing or eyes twitched) Note: An absolute phrase has, what looks like, a subject and verb in it.
  • An additional prepositional phrase in each sentence. (begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun)
  • An appositive phrase in two sentences (an appositive is more info about a noun. Ex: Tom, my cousin, is coming for dinner.  My cousin is the appositive)
  • A gerund phrase (Gerunds sound like verbs, but they don’t do the job of a verb in the sentence (ex: Coming home, we hit traffic)
  • An Infinitive Phrase (An infinitive phrase uses “to + a verb”. Ex: I want to eat pizza for dinner
  • Two participial phrases (A participial phrase is a phrase that looks like a verb, but actually functions as an adjective; it modifies a noun in the same sentence. The trash can sat in the corner, brimming with garbage.  Note: A participial phrase starts with a participle but does not have a noun or subject.
  • An adjective to each sentence
  • Examine each verb. If a more precise verb can be used, use it, and add an adverb.

Grammar Writing Due 2/4

This week I want you to work on your capitalization rules, all 27 of them.  You are to write 3 sentences for each rule.  Make sure these sentences have correct punctuation and are well written.  Do not write a bland sentence such as “I go to school.”   I want to see you using strong adjectives and adverbs.  Use compound sentences or compound subjects/verbs.  Start sentences with “ing” clauses or prepositional phrases.  Make sure you begin all your sentences with capital letters and end them with punctuation.  If you have any questions, please email me.  Happy writing!!!!

PS. If you want to earn some extra credit, write 2 sentences for each “Do not capitalize rules” we learned in class today!

Grammar/Writing Week 16 (Due 1/21)

Practice with Punctuation


  1. Use Comma to set off a noun of direct address.
    1. Fred, make sure to eat all your beans.
    2. Make sure to eat all your beans,
    3. Make sure, Fred, to eat all your beans.

 Your Turn!


  1. Use a comma to set off introductory words.
    1. No, I won’t eat all my beans.
    2. I won’t eat all my beans, no.
    3. Ok, I’ll eat my beans.

Your Turn!


3.  Use a comma to set off interrupters in a sentence.

  1.  The answer, I think, is 54.
  2. In fact, the answer is 54.
  3. The answer, by the way, is

 Your Turn


  1. Use a comma between two or more descriptive adjectives.  (If your adjective is a color or a number, no comma is needed)
    1. Bright, sparkling stars twinkled in the night.
    2. Tall, beautiful trees rustled in the breeze.
    3. Three black cats were in the tree.

Your Turn!


  1. Use a comma after a dependent clause (can’t stand alone) at the beginning of the sentence.  (if the dependent clause is at the end, no comma is needed.)
    1. After we eat lunch, we went for a walk.
    2. If I can go with you, I would love that.
    3. I would love it if I could go along.

Your Turn!


  1. Use a comma after 2 introductory prepositional phrases or after a long prepositional phrase when a subject follows it.
    1. In the middle of the night, Frank decided he needed a snack.
    2. During the long intermission, everyone got a snack.
    3. In our bed, under the covers, down in the corner, our dog took a nap.

Your Turn!


  1. Use a comma to set off words or adjectives that seem out of place.
    1. Bright and shiny, the gem sparkled in the light.
    2. The dog, wet and dirty, ran into the house.
    3. My dinner is very cold, by the way.

Your Turn!

Underlining or Quotations

  1. Use and underline for names of ships, planes, and trains.
    1. We sailed on the Good Ship Lollypop.
    2. Our train, Silverton Express, arrives at 9:00.
    3. The S.S Constitution is in Boston Harbor.

Your Turn!


9.  Underline words, letters, or numerals used out of context.

    1. Don’t forget to dot your i’s.
    2. There are too many and’s in your paper.
    3. A 7 appeared in the left column.

Your Turn!


  1. Underline titles of books, magazines, movies, newspapers, plays, television shows, record albums, CDs, long stories, and works of art.
    1. I read the book The Giver this year.
    2. My favorite album of all time is Every Breath you Take.
    3. The Mona Lisa was painted around 1504.

Your Turn!


  1. Use Quotations to enclose the titles of chapters, articles, poems, essays, short stories, nursery rhymes, and songs.
    1. I love the song “Invisible Sun” by the Police.
    2. “Mary had a Little Lamb” is sung by every child.
    3. Robert Frost wrote the poem “The Road not Taken”.


Your Turn!


Write a paragraph about Christmas.  It needs to be 10-12 sentences (or more), and you need to use the parts of speech that we have covered this year.  These parts are adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases, gerunds, varying sentence openers, complex sentences using conjunctions, and all your grammar rules.   Your paragraph can be describing your decorations/tree, your traditions, what you did for Christmas, etc…  Please make sure to do a brainstorm page, a sloppy copy, and then your final draft.  Please type on the computer if possible, but you won’t get points off if you handwrite it.  I’ll send out another assignment the week before classes start in January.  Merry Christmas!!