Grammar Lab Due 5/7

I have sent you 2 emails with your homework.  Make sure to complete all worksheets and turn them in by 6 pm next Wed.  We will not have class next week.  I will send out your final grades by Friday, May 8th.  Let me know if you have any questions!!!

Grammar Lab Due 4/16

Review lessons #31-#36 in Grammar Revolution on Verbals.  You don’t need to do the diagramming, just watch the videos and take notes.

Make sure to watch the bonus video on lesson #35.

Watch lesson #37 for extra studying.

Take test closed “book” without any help.  (I will send this to you by email no later than Tuesday afternoon)

Send the test to me by Thursday at 6 pm.  (5 points will be taken off if it is late.)

Grammar Lab Due 4/8

I have also sent this to your home emails.  Make sure to look for this as it has the worksheets attached to it!!!

Here is your homework for the week.  Please have everything handed in by Wed. night at 6:00pm. Let me know if you have any questions!!!


Watch lessons 35 & 36 on Infinitives and Infinitive Phrases (you don’t need to do the worksheets).  Remember that “to” as a preposition will be followed by a noun or pronoun.  “to” as an infinitive will be followed by a verb.


Complete both worksheets attached to this email


Write a paragraph describing a season (winter, spring, summer, fall).  You can choose your favorite or your least favorite.  Make sure you use all your senses while you brainstorm.  Make sure to include the following:

Avoid using I or we

2 clauses

2 gerunds

1 participle

1 infinitive

2 similes

Each sentence should have at least 1 strong adjective and adverb


Look over the attached word list for “weather writing”  This will help you decorate us your paragraph

Make sure to send me your brainstorm page, your sloppy copy, your final draft, your check list, and your 2 worksheets.


Stay healthy, boys!!!!

Grammar Lab Due 4/2

Watch lesson 33 & 34 (don’t do the diagramming)

Write 3 sentences using participles

Write 3 sentences using similes

Write an 8+ paragraph describing a food.  Review your comma rules!  Make sure to follow all “rules” in the email sent to you.

Send in all the above by 8 pm on Wed. night.

Grammar Lab Due 3/26

Today learned what a gerund was and we covered editing.  We discussed how to edit our “sloppy Copy” by using our comma rules, capitalization rules, and avoiding band words.  This week you will be using what we learned to edit your next paragraph.  Here is your homework:

Brainstorm and write a 8-10 sentence paragraph about your spring vacation.  Even if you don’t go anywhere, you sill will be doing something.  After you brainstorm, write a sloppy copy, edit the sloppy copy in a different color pen, and write your final draft.  If at all possible, type the final copy.  Make sure it is double spaced, indent the 1st line of the paragraph, give it a title, and put your name on the upper left side of the page.  I will send in an email with a checklist to follow while you write. Keep this handy (or print multiple copies) as you will be using a checklist for your future papers. I will also be sending out a list of words to avoid while writing.  Keep this handy as well.  I suggest you keep a Thesaurus close by to find stronger verbs or better words.  You might also want to review your comma rules.  When you hand in your homework, it needs to have your checklist, brainstorm page, sloppy copy, and your final draft all stapled together.

Gerund: A verbal (verb) that ends in “ing” but doesn’t do the job of a verb; it does the job of a noun. (subject, direct object, object of the preposition, or  a predicate noun)

Write 5 different sentences using a gerund.  I want to see your gerund used as a subject in one sentence, a direct object in one sentence, an O.P. and a predicate noun.  Make sure to label your gerund as to the job it is doing.

Please let me know if you have any questions!!



Grammar Lab Due 3/12

Finish the Run-on Worksheet handed out in class

Complete the Clause worksheets and Run-on worksheets printed below.

Write a description paragraph on one of your pets.  Make sure it contains the following:

  1. 8+ sentences
  2. 3 of your sentences must contain a dependent clause
  3. Make sure you have a strong verb (no: is, am, are) in 3 of your sentences.
  4. Use a strong adjective and adverb in each of your sentences. (Very and really are not strong adverbs)
  5. Use a complex sentence (more than 1 sentence, joined together with a comma and conjunction or a semi-colon) at least 2 times in your paragraph.

You MUST hand the 3 items below:

*”brainstorming” page (it should contain 10+ words). Try to stay away from sentences on this sheet.  Use 1 or 2 words together only.

*Sloppy Copy .  This is where you write a sentence for each word on your brainstorm page.

*Final copy. This should have all the mandatory things listed above.  (1-5)

You will be graded on each part listed above.  If you do not hand it in, or forget any part of the assignment, you will lose a letter grade.  If it is not handed in after 2 weeks, you will get a “0”.

Here are your worksheets.

Phrase or Clause? (Remember, a phrase will not have a subject or verb.)

_________1. Without Supper.

_________2. Danced in the breeze.

_________3. Our oven door is broken.

_________4. After my homework was completed.

_________5. Participating in a game.

_________6. The man in the park.

_________7. Even though I agreed.

_________8. Hurried down the lane.

_________9. Leaves have fallen from the trees.

_________10. Hanging on the wall over a fireplace.

_________11. No one emptied the trash.

_________12. Those large white eggs on the table.

_________13.  Our basement is a storage area.

_________14. If I could skate faster.

_________15.  Regardless of the telephone’s dial tone.



Clauses: Dependent or Independent? 

(Remember, Dependent clauses have subject/verb but don’t express a complete thought.  Independent clauses do express complete thought and can stand on their own to make a complete sentence)

________1.  That store opens at nine o’clock.

________2.  Unless you plan on leaving.

________3.  Whatever the circumstances are.

________4.  Bottled water was delivered to their door.

________5.  Go away.

________6.  If our ship arrives early.

________7.  Whenever we finish this task.

________8.  During the power failure, our lights went out.

________9.  Stop.

________10.  Although the dam broke.

________11.  Laughing and splashing, the two boys played in the pool.

________12.  After I run these errands.

________13.  Mr. Dobbins loves chocolate chip cookies.

________14.  From the time I was three years old.

________15.  Harriet vowed never to do that again.



Sentences:  Fragments or Run-Ons?

________1.  Please call me later.

________2. Fine.

________3.  Who has won?

________4.  Disturbing the peace.

________5.  The plant is wilting, water it.

________6. A soccer ball was kicked to the far end of the field.

________7.  My firm answer is no, you many not go.

________8.  Copying the lesson from the book.

________9.  Matt up to me suspiciously.

________10.  A snake slithered under a rock.

________11.  My opinion is that you should keep the kitten, it definitely needs good care and you can give him a good home.

________12.  Our clothes were packed and ready for our trip.

________13.  Go.

________14.  Be prepared to make sudden stops on this trip.

________15.  When Ann was little, she dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Sentences:  Fragments or Run-Ons?

________1.  Her jewelry had been appraised and insured.

________2. After your fine presentation.

________3.  Mother drove the car Dad flew.

________4.  Talking on the telephone at the end of the day.

________5.  Can the roofer repair the damage?

________6.  Unless Mrs. Farmington calls.

________7.  Can we go along?

________8.  Look around, plan on buying at least one gift.

________9.  This room is too dark and crowded.

________10.  After beginning the day in a wonderful mood, he was rushed to the hospital for stiches in his foot which he received from broken glass, and then the day became worse.

________11.  This airplane is old.

________12.  Walked and ran in his sleep last night.

________13.  A computer class is offered, I’m taking it.

________14.  If you need a ride.

________15.  Send me your new address.

Grammar Lab Due 3/5

Watch lesson 25 and finish the worksheets. Make sure all 5 sentences are complete.

Many of you did poorly on lesson 24.  I would suggest you review the video and maybe one or 2 of the worksheet questions.

Finish writing your final copy of your description paragraph.

*Make sure you have  at least 8 good sentences. I want to see different sentence openers, good adjectives and adverbs, and a few compound sentences.  Also, make sure you have a strong opening sentence.  It should not describe your object, but it should tell the reader you are going to be talking about your object. (do not use those words, though)

As always, let me know if you have questions!

Grammar Lab Due 2/27

Today we reviewed for the quiz next week, and we added something new to our lessons.  Over the years I have noticed that even though students might know their grammar very well, they don’t necessarily use it in their writing.  So we will be doing small writing assignments every week to practice using our grammar.  Don’t worry, these assignments won’t take long and will not be hard. As always, message me if you have questions.  Here is your homework:

Watch lesson 24 and complete the worksheet.  You don’t have to do #1 unless you really want to. 🙂

Find an object, person, pet, room….around your house to write a descriptive paragraph about.  Follow these steps:

  1. Write a “brainstorming” sheet with at least 10 things about your object.
  2. Write a “sloppy copy” paragraph using at least 8 of your ten items. Asking questions about your “brainstorm” items will help here.  (don’t worry about spelling or grammar in this step)’
  3. Write a final copy.  This is the place where you make sure your spelling is correct, you have commas where needed, correct punctuation, and capital letters.  Also, add in strong adjectives and/or adverbs.
  4. See if you can add a sentence to the beginning of your paragraph (if you haven’t already) that introduces what your paragraph is about.

Don’t worry or get stressed over this assignment.  I will not grade the 1st few of these, but I will check to see that you have done it.  We will be going over things in class.  Oh, and it helps to type if possible (but not required).  Making corrections and adding things is so much easier.

Happy writing!!!!


Grammar Lab Due 2/20

Watch videos and complete worksheets on lessons 22 & 23

Only do #’s 1 & 2 on the Extra Practice part of lesson 22 (Located on last worksheet page)

Take the “Tiny Quiz” on lesson 23 (located under #4 on worksheet)

Make sure your worksheets are completely and neatly filled in.


Watch the bonus video on lesson 23