Grammar Lab Due 1/23

Today we reviewed Direct Objects and learned Indirect Objects.

Please watch and complete worksheets for Lesson 18

Make sure all words are labeled in the box

Also, please make sure all homework that was due this week is handed in next week.

Grammar Lab due 1/16

Today we discussed the rules for pluralizing and a little more about apostrophes.  You were given some worksheets to finish over your break.  Make sure to bring all the sheets back to class in January.  Have a very Merry Christmas, a super New Year celebration, and a very fun break!!

Grammar Lab Due 12/19

We will be working on Apostrophes this week.  Here is a RULE sheet as well as 2 worksheets to complete.  Enjoy your “little homework” week!


Rule 1:  Use an apostrophe in a contraction to show where letter (s) have been omitted.

Can’t = cannot

She’ll = she will

I’ve = I have

Rule 2:  Use an apostrophe when the 1st 2 digits are omitted from the year.



 Rule 3:  Use an apostrophe when taking letters or words out of context. (They will also be underlined.)

You need to cross your t’s

There are too many well’s in this paragraph.

Rule 4:  Use an apostrophe to show possession. (someone owns something)

           A.  If the word is singular (one), add apostrophe + s. (‘s)

barber’s chair

blender’s buttons

Chris’s boots

            B.  If the word is plural and ends in S, add the apostrophe after the S (s’)

Dogs’ kennel

Pilots’ association

Ladies’ club

             C.  If the word is plural and does NOT end in S, add apostrophe + S (‘s)

Women’s magazine

Oxen’s master

Children’s playground

Note:  If 2 people own something jointly, place the apostrophe after the last person’s name.

Joan and Dave’s new car

If 2 people each own items, place the apostrophe after both names.

Bob’s and Hannah’s new cars.

Directions: insert needed apostrophes.
1. Didnt you want this magazine?

2. Our swimmers club meets every Thursday.

3. Those ten cows watering trough doesnt have enough compartments.

4. Theyll see you in San Diego.

5. The two boys bedroom was a mess.

6. Your 3s look like 8s.

7. Billys hair is very unmanageable.

8. Couldnt he open the jar?

9. I like Tom and Alices stories.

10. Some of your ands should be replaced with buts.

11. The street isnt paved yet.

12. One boys answers were written in ink.

13. You have forgotten to cross your ts.

14. Mr. Greenley shouldnt have spoken so crossly to Susans brother.

15. Their teachers lounge was enlarged last summer.

Directions: lnsert needed apostrophes.
1. Wont you graduate in 96?

2. Glendas dog cant walk well.

3. Our ladies meeting wasnt scheduled until Monday.

4. You have too many buts in the last paragraph.

5. Our mices tails have strange kinks in them.

6. Dont you think there are many good points in Larrys essays?

7. Hasnt the schools debating team returned?

8. Those 5s arent in the correct column, Joe.

9, Jamess car isnt a new one, but its in nice shape.

10. Wd be happier if we found Mothers keys.

11. Youll want to insert synonyms for all the smalls in this story.

12. The childrens playgrounds havent been cleaned in that area.

13. The lawyers association held its annual meeting last week.

14. I havent seen too many mvs in anyones writing.

15. An article about our citys freeway system appeared in todays newspaper.

Grammar Lab Due 11/21

This week you will be working on Transitive Verbs.  They are action verbs that transfer their action to something else.  Remember, after you find subject/verb, ask “subject” “verb”  “what?”  The answer is the Direct Object (DO).

Watch lesson 12

Complete worksheets

As always, holler if you have any questions!


Grammar Lab Due 10/31

Watch lesson #8 for review.  Complete worksheets.

Take Quiz 2 (below) closed book, no help!



Adjectives & Adverbs


  1. What do adjectives do? List the adjective questions.




  1. What do adverbs do? List the adverb questions.




  1. What part of speech is the word beautiful in the following sentence? How do you


My beautiful shoes are muddy!




  1. What kind of sentences are these? What is the subject in all of them?

Go. Walk. Run. Stop.





Directions: Diagram the following sentences and fill in the chart. (I had to tweak the chart to be able to copy and paste it-just put the correct word/words on the line.)


  1. Eat.




­­__________________________________   Sentence


__________________________________   Subject


_________________________________      Verb


  1. Was Jim’s red truck stolen?





____________________________________Sentence (question)


____________________________________Sentence (statement)


____________________________________Verb phrase


____________________________________Helping verb


____________________________________Main verb


____________________________________Adjective:  Which question does it answer?


____________________________________Adjective; Which question does it answer?




  1. Yesterday, he walked slowly.











______________________________________Adverb:  Which question does it answer?


______________________________________Adverb:  Which question does it answer?