Grammar Lab Due 10/17

Watch lesson 6, Do worksheets, Watch bonus video, look at bonus file.

Make sure you are completing all sections of the worksheets.  Fill in all boxes “key” and you must diagram all sentences.  If I have handed back incomplete work, please finish this week and hand it in next week.

Grammar Lab Due 10/3

Today we reviewed everything we have learned so far.  We will have a quiz in class next week so make sure you study your notes and your helping verbs.

Watch lesson 4 video and complete the worksheets.

Make sure to look over the Bonus file.

Study for your quiz.

Grammar Lab Due 9/12

We learned a lot about Pronouns and Capitalization rules.  Review your note this week!!!

For homework:

Finish the 4 worksheets we started in class

Write out the helping verbs every day this week. There will be a quiz next week!!

Keep up the good work!!!