Registration Forms


2019-2020 Registration Instructions

2019-2020 Registration Checklist

Required Forms

Student, Parent and Teacher Responsibilities

You and your student(s) must read the Student, Parent and Teacher Responsibilities booklet before you can sign the next form listed.

2019-2020 General Information Form

The General Information Form includes a place for the signature of a parent, and each student enrolled, agreeing to the policies and code of conduct for the classes found in The Student, Parent and Teacher Responsibilities booklet.


2019-2020 Release of Liability

The Release of Liability must include every immediate family member’s name whether they live at home or not, and then signed by both parents.


2019-2020 Class Enrollment

On the Class Enrollment please list each class you have already verified with the teacher. If you are on a waiting list you may list the class and indicate “WL”.


2019-2020 New Family Application

If you are new to The Classes at TNPC, you must fill out one of these.


Optional Forms

Age 15+ permission slip for walking to Arby’s or Oriental Express for lunch during the 2019-20 school year.

2019-2020 Lunch Permission Form