American Government Due 5/7

You have all done great this year!  Here is your final assignment.  As I said in our meeting today, this is in place of your final exam, so do your best.  Your grade depends on it!!!  There is a chance for extra credit if you feel you need it!

American Government Week 32

This is your last week of homework.  I hope you have learned something in this class, and that you will walk away with a desire to make a difference in our country.  For this last assignment, I am giving you 3 assignments to choose from.  Pick the one you would like to do and do it to the best of your ability. This will take the place a final exam so make it count!!!  If you want extra credit, you may ALSO do #4.

Here are your 3 choices

  1. Interview your parents or grandparents.  How has the country (government) changed over their lives?  Do they feel things are better with more/less government involvement? How have race relations changed? Better/worse?  How has immigration changed?  Write a 2-3-page paper on what you learn from them.


  1. How has your opinion of government changed over the course of this year?  Did you come in with certain ideas that have since changed?  Have you learned something new you never thought of before?  Have you been motivated to become more educated on things within the government? (voting, volunteering, act…)  Write a 2-3-page paper on how this class changed your mind.


  1. What are your thoughts on what is happening in our country currently? Is the government handling the Covid-19 situation well?  Do you think the President has made the right decisions in regards to banning travel, quarantine rules, etc?  What do you think should be done to get the country up and running and when?  What do you think this country will look like in 3 years if the quarantine continues?  Should it continue?  Who should decide on when quarantine ends, the states, or Washington? Are people’s Constitutional rights being infringed upon as some say?  Write 2-3 pages on your thoughts.


For extra credit:

  1. Read the following chapters and answer the questions attached below. Congress for Dummies chapters 6, 8, 15.


Chapter 6

  1. During a debate, do all members sit quietly and listen to the various arguments for and against a bill?




  1. What is the floor?


  1. How many times is each bill read?



  1. What are the “standing rules” of the House?



  1. How can the President persuade members to do his will? (Give at least 4 ways)




  1. Once legislation passes that you don’t like, is that the end? (Explain)




Chapter 8

  1. What is the State of the Union address?



  1. What are the 2 types of spending?



  1. What is the difference between “Budget authority” and “outlays”?



  1. What are allocations?




Chapter 15

  1. What are the three big national “dailies” (newspapers) and what sets them apart?





  1. What is the op-ed part of the newspaper? Where can you find it?



  1. If you wanted to read a periodical with a liberal ideology, what would you read?


  1. What are some periodicals with a conservative ideology?



  1. What is one complaint about the Drudge Report?



  1. When it comes to breaking election news over the Internet, what is the best site?



  1. What is the most influential foreign publication in Washington? Why?



  1. What issue (if any) covered in class has changed since starting in August?