American Government Due 12/5

American Government Week 14

Basic American Government

Read pgs. 568-571 “Jefferson’s First Inaugural”

Read pgs. 272-283

Answer Study Questions

Current Event

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Pg. 568-571

  1. In the 2nd paragraph of page 569, Jefferson begins with conflict during the recent election. Does he claim to expect the division to continue now that he is president?


  1. Should the minority party be concerned about their rights?



  1. In the 3rd paragraph on page 570, Jefferson lists the many benefits of living in the United States. What are they?



  1. What does Jefferson consider the “essential principles of our Government (paragraph 4, pg. 570)?



Pgs. 272-276

  1. Carson says the Jacksonians considered “Democracy” a form of extended self-government.  What does that mean?



  1. What method did the Congress begin to use in an attempt to force presidents to sign legislation that would go beyond a strict construction of the Constitution?



  1. Why did Franklin Peirce veto a bill to enable states to care for the “indigent insane”?



Pgs. 277-283

  1. What was the general impression of John Marshall as a person?



  1. Was Marshall more closely allied with the Jefferson Democratic-Republicans or with the Federalists faction


  1. Write a brief explanation on the Judiciary Act of 1801 and the Judiciary act of 1802. (pg. 280) Tell  1) What did each Act do?  2) Why did the Act of 1802 cause anger?  3) What happened after the act of 1802?