Week 30

American Government Week 30


Congress for Dummies

Chapters 1-5

Answer questions


We will watch some videos instead of reading about bill making.  You will thank me!  The 1st one is just for fun.  The 2nd one is to learn.  We will talk about this in class.  Have fun!!!



Bible Reading

Galatians 6: 9-10

Current Event


Congress for Dummies

Ch. 1

  1. If Congress makes the laws and sets national policy, what does the executive branch do?



  1. What things annoy the representatives about the senators, and the senators about the representatives?




  1. Which branch is more powerful, the legislative or the executive?


  1. How do you have a voice in the judicial system?



  1. How do you have a voice in the legislative and executive systems?


  1. When does a vote have the greatest impact?


Ch. 2

  1.  How has representation in Congress changed since the country was founded?



  1. The census, which is taken in March and April of each decade year, determines how many representatives each state has. Although it seems like a simple process, what makes this process so difficult?




  1. Follow the steps given to determine your district and the name of your representative. Go to his/her webpage and learn a bit about the representative.  Given what you find, would you vote for them if you were 18?  Explain why or why not.





Ch. 3

  1. What main issues come before the Senate?



  1. Find your senators as per the instructions in the text. Spend a little time perusing their websites.  Given what you find, would you vote for them if you were 18?  Explain why or why not.




  1. What is impeachment?



Ch. 4


  1. What are the roles of committee Chairmen?






  1. What is the most important factor for a new member of Congress?



  1. Who is the ranking member?





  1. When are members likely to sponsor a piece of legislation?



  1. What is a hearing and what are the 3 types?




Ch. 5

  1. Can members always vote the way their conscience or constituents demand?



  1. How does one gain power in Congress?


  1. What is a caucus?



  1. What is a delegation?



  1. Based on this chapter, what do you believe drives Congress?